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Our Services

Our Services

"Successful project implementation requires managing the fragile balance between progress and perfection"   NEXXT-GEN

Distributed Systems & Cloud Computing

NEXXT-GEN architects robust cloud solutions for clients with advanced workloads.

NEXXT-GEN relies on distributed technologies to do the heavy lifting: Distributed File Systems (Hadoop), Distributed Ledger (Blockchain) , Distributed Compute (Spark).

UX & Visualisation

NEXXT-GEN creates visual stories - turning raw data into insights.

Behind NEXXT-GEN's visualistations are automated data pipelines that enable scalable pre-processing of data and complex data transformations.


The ongoing maintenance and hardening of a clients security posture is a pervasive requirement - impacting on different technology stacks during implementation.

Detail matters, when it comes to security.

NEXXT-GEN works closely with stakeholders to plan and implement bespoke security solutions for cloud and on-premise environments. 

Data & Data Strategy

NEXXT-GEN partners with clients to enable their data strategy.

From analysing the yield potential of raw data assets through to the processing, integration and transformation of alternative data sources - NEXXT-GEN exposes the costs and benefits of enabling a data centric business model.

Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning

NEXXT-GEN focusses on building sustainable machine learning solutions that enable client productivity.

NEXXT-GEN achieves sustainability through automation - and productivity enablement through the successful pairing of machine intelligence with human intelligence.  

Software Development

NEXXTGEN's software solutions require a high level of engagement with business. Successful implementation requires delivering on meaningful project features.


This is an iterative process that is achievable with close collaboration and stakeholder support, throughout the project lifecycle.

Edge Computing & The Internet of Things

NEXXT-GEN connects client sensor data to cloud infrastructure, enabling in-flight analytics that has the potential to impact mission critical decision making, in close to real time. 

“The developers task of making a complex system appear simple and sensible to the user - is in itself a very difficult, complex task.”

Butler et al

ACM ISBN 1-58113-028-7

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